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Electronic Mail also known as E-mail has become a regular tool in our personal and work life. We rely on it to communicate with our families who live abroad as well as with our business contacts. There are times however that little problems occur when sending email that can annoy us.

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Precision Miami computer repair service company devoted to helping small local businesses deal with all of their computer related issues. These are some common problems and some reasonable solutions to help overcome them.

Cannot Send An E-mail Message

Even though your connection to the internet is available you may experience that you cannot send an e-mail. You click on the send button but your e-mail just sits there in your outbox.


Usually this can be a software related problem, unapparent to you there may be some damage or corruption of your e-mail message. To solve this problem, you must first copy all the unsent e-mail messages sitting in your outbox to a text file. Then you must save those messages to your hard drive for later use. Once your messages have been saved to a text file go and delete the unsent messages sitting in your outbox. Once you have cleared your outbox, start over by copying the e-mail you saved to the text files and copy them into a new e-mail message. Click on the send button and you should be good to go.

My E-mail is missing an Attachment or the Attachment Won’t Open

One of the nice things about e-mail is the ability to send and receive what are called attachments. These can be files, video, music and pictures. When you transmit these types of files you not only save time but you also save money that you would have had to pay the U.S. Postal Service.

Attachments though useful can also create headaches for some users. One common frustration we run across in our Miami computer repair service business is when a client calls us and says they have received an e-mail with an attachment but the attachment is not there.


Most often the best way to handle this kind of problem is to have the sender of the e-mail re-send the message with the attachment. It is not unusual for the sender to forget to actually attach the file. Even if this is not the case it might encourage the sender to use another file format for the attachment.

Another way to get around issues with attachment problems could be to ask the sender to just paste the actual file to an e-mail message, assuming however it is not a video or music file. In such cases it might be better to have them zip the file with a zipping program so you can then open it on your computer. Most computer these days come equipped with such programs.

If you receive a message that the attachment appears to have been deleted it most likely is due to your anti-virus program. If this is the case more than likely you are better off without the file than to be infected by a virus. However if you find that every time you are sent an attachment they are being deleted you may want to check the setting in you e-mail program and be sure there are no check marks within the program blocking all attachments. If you do find this then simply un-check it and you should be able to open your attached files.

Another related problem we come across in our Miami computer repair service is when a client receives an e-mail attachment but they cannot open it. This usually happens when the original file sent to you was created with software which is not installed on your system. To overcome this you can either ask the sender to paste the content of the attachment onto the e-mail itself, or to let you know what program it was created with. Once you know the program you may have to purchase it to open the attachment or simply ask them to send the file in a format your computer supports.